Guerdah Félix

From sunny days playing on the beaches of Haiti to discovering the cold of snow in the dark winter of Canada, Guerdah Félix is well practiced in adapting to life’s inevitable changes.  The question is always, What’s happening now and what do I need to do to adapt to it?

Our chat includes (among other things) school life, childhood games, and books. Some of Guerdah’s favorites include The Shack by William P. Young and And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.

Guerdah is an observer of people, things, situations and experiences.

Her languages are French, French Creole, English, Spanish, and a bit of German, and her first passions are philosophy, and psychology… all these interests moving toward that ultimate passion for understanding how people think, why we are the way we are.

I’m very curious about the human psyche and what makes us do what we do.

Guerdah is approaching this year with exciting travel plans, and as always, a deep curiosity.

I will definitely take the time to understand the resonance of me.

You can find her on Facebook as @LadyGuerdah for more conversations.

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