The Journey Begins

You know that delicious feeling when you encounter something familiar? Well there I was, living my life and doing my thing—which includes a lot of TED Talks in the morning—when I hear this woman listing a collection of places to answer the seemingly simple question of where she’s from. She just didn’t have a one-word answer.

My ears perked up immediately.

Autoplay had taken me to Taiye Selasi. Her conversation on our multiple identities and nationalities resonated with me, especially when I heard her say, “All identity is experience.”

My first thought was, Yes! Exactly. 

Fast forward a few years and many experiences later, and the itch for a podcast that played with this idea just would not go away.

Growing up and nestling life in the same place offers easy familiarity. Growing up with deep roots in more than one place carries the same comfort, just in a different way.

Meet the Neighbor shares is a collection of casual conversations with international folks who experience childhood in more than one country. Maybe that’s you; maybe it’s not. Either way, join the conversation and enjoy the stories.

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